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There are countless unsubstantiated opinion pieces on how blockchain technologies as well as other emerging technologies will transform the fabric of human institutions. We at Sunsten aim to lift the lid off of managerial and organizational implications of emerging technologies rather than their underlying technicalities. To do that, Sunsten provides assessment and decision-making tools aiming to help individuals in position of decision-making make better, informed decisions.


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We develop data-driven tools in an attempt to provide a realistic map of the blockchain space.

Sunsten offers tools for managers to assess their blockchain needs. These tools let them explore various industry sectors while highlighting misuses and misconceptions of blockchain technologies and thereby enable the assessment of possible new use-cases. Sunsten presents scenarios that favor blockchain technologies and delves into potential blockchain implementations. Hence, it reveals both the obvious and obscure adoption barriers that often hinder commercialization efforts and are often paid too little attention to. What’s more, Sunsten is working on a classification system, with clear presentation of various governance models and their potential to improve existing business processes.

The tools provide a data-driven overview of the blockchain space. Descriptive statistics offer a realistic picture of the size of the space, the various important players, and promising ways forward. Sunsten initially focuses on topics on blockchain technologies, however, it will broaden up its scope to provide tools that replicate the value they offer on blockchain technologies for other emerging technologies. At its core, Sunsten inspires to become a go-to place for rigorous and thought-through knowledge on regulatory, socio-economical, societal as well as other innate aspects of emerging technologies.

To provide the necessary underlying knowledge to help decision making processes on whether and which technologies are to be given attention as the technology of choice and the foundation for products or services, additional tools will be added to the portfolio of tools.